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kinno my cat Boy by Femerithian kinno my cat Boy by Femerithian
colored with corel 'cause I had to for class (don't recommend it XP in fact I discourage it... totally hate corel more and more every time I use it)
-yes he is a boy among flowers-

hope you like the picture though :D


Despite his child like tendencies and his often spoiled attitude, he is really the sad soul of the story. The main reason Kinno continually clings to Roy is because he is afraid that if he doesn't keep in constant contact with Roy that Roy just may vanish as if he was never really there.

This is because after Roy came into Kinno's life it became as though Kinno was living in a dream.
Kinno's past is full of nothing but pain and suffering (Kinno calls it the PR or Pre-Roy time) he was used, abused, down trodden, belittled, ridiculed, tormented, and just about every other bad thing you could think of that could make one pray for a death that never seems to come... (every body say 'Waaaahhhh that's so sad T.T Poor Kinno)

Roy was the first person to be kind to him and to truly care about him. Around Roy, Kinno has been able to truly live and he has also been given a sort of second chance at having a childhood, because Roy is the short to always want to play the parental roll, and Kinno is the type to (now that he can) test his limits like a child, this is what gives Kinno his seemingly spoiled brat attitude.

He doesn't mean to act spoiled because in truth he is a very sensitive, and scared person, but Roy is so willing to give Kinno whatever he wants (even when he says no it's all really just to sort of 'keep up appearances' he rarely ever really means no), Kinno knows this, and so he just keeps asking and asking even after Roy says no because he knows that Roy will eventually say yes.
Sorry if I tend to go on a bit >->;;;

Also in case you want to see this is Roy [link]
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luckynyan4 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2010
instant love!!!!*obsesed with color green & catboys*olso,I use corel to draw too but I like it for some reason...
Femerithian Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2010
Thank you >w</
I love cat boys as well (obviously) and when I made Kinno I couldn't think of any hair color that would fit him better ^w^\ he's just a green kind of guy ^w^

and I'm glad you at least likes corel ^^; personally I'll keep to my photoshop (unless I randomly want some special photoshop can't do sort of thing and the only thing that does it is corel... not much likeliness of that though ^^; )
Guilt-Na-Zan Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2010
so adorable~
Femerithian Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2010
thank you \^w^/
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